Don't Be Afraid to Wear Snake Print!

Don't Be Afraid to Wear Snake Print!

If you haven't seen, snake print seems to be all the rage in fashion right now and if you're like me you tend to stay away from any type of animal print simply because it can be a little bit intimidating to style. I've slowly learned it doesn't have to be!

Snake print pants are everywhere, and they are so much easier to create outfits from, than say leopard print (in my opinion). So if you're looking to try the snake print trend but don't want to go all out with it YET, then I've got the perfect option for you! Our very own "I Don't Bite Snake Print Leggings". But before we talk about how amazing these are, let's talk about a few ways you can style snake print pants and snake print in general because it really pairs well with so many different colors and styles.

First Tip

Style snake print pants or leggings with a basic tank or tee! That's the easiest way to go and it'll always look good! 

Second Tip

Style it up by throwing on a blazer, and you've got the perfect business casual outfit for your work day. Did you think you'd be wearing snake print to work?! 

Third Tip

Don't be afraid to wear COLOR! Snake print can pair with virtually any color, that is depending on the color of your snake print, but really try it! It can be from your top to your shoes. Next time instead of throwing on that basic black tee, how about trying a yellow one? Hot pink? Blue?!


Wear it with denim! I KNOW. Denim will never go out of style, and can be a life saver or should I say outfit saver. I've paired our snake print leggings with our "Not So Basic Bodysuit" and a denim button up I found in my closet lol, but doesn't it look SO GOOD?

Try it out for yourself and I guarantee you're gonna be more comfortable incorporating snake print into your wardrobe and wearing more snake print outfits more often.

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